About Organised Octopus

Organised Octopus is a small enterprise.  We design and have made for us a small range of hobby and desk tidies.

The idea came about when Carole, OO founder, was sewing in 1 room and storing all the bits 'n' bobs in another.  Carole had the idea of making useful hobby things that are bright, colourful, very hobby and interests specific... and asked Gary, the designer, 'can you design me a simple and portable caddy for holding just enough of the bits I use when sewing but it must look like a sewing machine too'.  The challenge was set, and Gary doesn't just do ones, so after some time the results here came about.

But Organised Octopus also came about in reaction to the ever-disappointing selection of gifts and souvenirs at UK visitor attractions... and this is why our collections reflect more than hobbies and encompass things people love Castles, Beaches, Boats and Cars.

All out products are designed by Gary Peach MA and manufactured by Sarissa Precision Ltd in Derbyshire. Gary has been a design consultant for them for many, many years.

Our products all come flat packed, made of 3mm or 2mm Laser Cut MDF (FSC Sourced) and UV printed.

Boring Bit

The designs, graphic and 3 dimensional are the property of G Peach and are protected by design, artist copyrights and intellectual property rights in the UK and internationally. Please contact us if you would like to use images from the web site for any purpose other than social media reasons.

Milestones Museum Basingstoke

Tea, Cake, Stitch and Bake.

Are you a baker, Tea drinker, in to sewing or,  just like... 

Bognor Regis Museum Bathing Machine

Bognor Regis Museum Bathing Machine